Mensa Q and A


Steve Jones is a leading negotiation expert – and is frequently featured commenting in the media . He has been sales director for a frozen food manufacturer, buying director for WH Smith and held senior buying roles in three of the top four supermarket chains. He started ran and sold a food brokerage company and led a buy in and turnround of a confectionery company. He is a qualified mediator and guest lecturer at Kent Business School. He is a charity trustee, and serves as  Non-executive Director. He is 62 lives in Newbury and has two adult daughters.

Question One. How would you describe your personality and approach to life?

Well, life isn’t a rehearsal and I try to bear that in mind. As a highly extrovert person I like nothing more than being with people and contributing to the community  – so the last year or so has really taken its toll! I try to give people the benefit of the doubt because I firmly believe that people are doing the best that they can in the circumstances they are in. (I am not a great fan of the division driven by “social” media). I am happy to accept and respect that people hold diametrically opposite opinions to me and they are not malign in their intent.

Question Two. What do you think is the best thing about Mensa?

It is a well established, prestigious organisation that I am proud to be associated with. The heritage and stated objectives give us plenty of scope to build on. To a large extent what we get out of membership is related to what we put in!

Question Three. What one thing would you most like to change about Mensa?

I would like to see more transparency about where our money is spent and to personally help ensure it is spent to deliver maximum value and benefit to us all as members.

Question Four. Why should people vote for you?

It seems to me that we don’t capitalise on the organisation’s profile or make the most of the commercial opportunities it gives us. Mensa is an extremely valuable brand that is underutilised.  I believe my commercial background will be a good complement to the board. As a mediator,  over the years I have seen challenge in the organisation that has been destructive and unhelpful. I would like to think my style of high challenge, high support will help build on where we are and drive the organisation forward. My full profile is on LinkedIn, search ‘steverjones’ – so please feel free to check me out or link up.