Steve Jones is one of the UKs leading negotiation experts. In this video he outlines the content of his short negotiation seminar – covering how to deal with conflict and getting the right deal

Steve’s Observations on the UK’s Brexit Negotiation Strategy

Steve’s view on Tesco Booker merger

CIM Negotiating mergers and price increases

Steve’s talk to the Horticultural Trade Association conference

He explains the benefits and pitfalls of dealing with the multiples. He also runs through the various “protections” that are available from the GCA and highlights the lack of any real enforcement of the supplier code. The bottom line? You’re on your own – make sure you get outside help.

Steve Jones presentation to the CEOs of a number of Portugal Ventures portfolio companies.

The 5 Commandments of Commercial Deals.

Video of parts of a short seminar Steve ran together with some delegate testimonials.