Andy Sellick – FMCG Sales Director

Steve has supported both myself and my broader team with a number of key business projects whilst I was at Heinz. His coaching style which combines a candid approach with ‘real world’ trading experience alongside a proven model helped to deliver significant business results during an intense time for the business. This approach drove both sustained results and lasting behaviour change across the team. Steve has also provided direct coaching support, guidance and development which continues to resonate with me throughout my career.

Rod Wood – Buying Director

If you want to take an objective look at, challenge and do something about your negotiation strategy and capability then Steve is your man. I rate him highly

Mark McAleer – OD Specialist

Steve is without any doubt the best practitioner in the area of building negotiation skills and capability in organisations I have had the pleasure to work with. He has a challenging, fun and pragmatic style that gets results. Steve is able to draw upon his considerable proven commercial experience that provides tangible examples, case studies and genuine insight.

Robert Holland – Managing Partner Accounting Firm

I have used Steve more than once. He is always very effective, thought provoking and gets great feedback.

Alastair Ingram – Finance Director

I’ve known and worked with Steve for over 20 years. His ability to assess a situation and get to the heart of the issues quickly enables him to provide excellent coaching and teaching advice. I’ve also worked alongside him in business negotiations and seen first-hand his calm and highly successful approach, if you’re in a negotiation he’s the person to have on your side of the table.

Damian CulhaneCMgr, FCMI -Non-Executive Director

Steve has bucket loads of enthusiasm and an immense amount of knowledge when it comes to negotiation. Steve always has a useful tip to offer about negotiation and continues to expand his knowledge in this area. A true expert with a great business attitude.

Malcolm Parkinson – FMCG Sales Director

Steve, is one of the brightest and commercially astute guys I have worked with. His retail background has made him one of the best negotiators I know. Highly recommended

Jo Howard – Executive Coach and Search Consultant

Steve was impressive as a colleague and he is now a brilliant coach – highly commercial, refreshingly straight talking, full of valuable advice and he won’t let you off the hook! If you need someone to spur you into action, Steve’s your man.

Mark Arrowsmith -MD Internet Retailer

Steve is a true master at his subject. Underlying his clear and direct approach is a wealth of knowledge which he shares brilliantly. Spending time with Steve will definitely assist anyone looking to improve their negotiation skills, and to be one step ahead in the next encounter! Highly recommended.

Noreen Ferguson-Hughes – Buying Director

Steve’s commercial and buying knowledge is second to none and he combines remarkable emotional intelligence, with sound pragmatic business experience to deliver the most effective coaching and negotiation skills courses I have experienced.
Steve is a passionate change agent – thought provoking, challenging, humorous and human. Thank you for your insight and your encouragement.

Tim Hughes – Business Owner

I have found Steve to be a fantastic coach, and his advice has saved me a small fortune in better deals agreed and pitfalls avoided. ¬†Very happy to recommend Steve to anyone looking to ensure that their negotiations go as well as they possibly can – I certainly feel more confident and better prepared going into negotiations after Steve’s advice.

Adrian Scott – Software Developer

I have been fortunate enough to have received negotiation coaching from Steve on more than one occasion. His techniques are straightforward yet very effective. His advice is excellent; I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone looking to improve their negotiation skills.

Michael Sheene – Business owner

Steve’s advice has been invaluable to our business and my own personal negotiations. His coaching style is warm, welcoming and direct. He has guided us away from some of the classic errors and fine-tuned our negotiating skills to give us the confidence to stand our ground. I have no doubt that the knowledge imparted will save us a large amount of money, time and resources into the future.

Jeremy Lazarus -Coaching and Training Consultant

Steve is a guru on the subject of negotiation. I would wholeheartedly recommend his negotiation training and coaching services.