Training for Negotiating With Retailers

The stranglehold of UK retailers is now so great that manufacturers live and die by their ability to negotiate profitable deals. Focal Point enables manufacturers to see inside the buyer’s mind, develop outstanding negotiation skills and secure a deal which works for their business, every time.

  1. Align the culture

If the organisation’s culture, structure and processes are out of kilter with effective negotiation then behavioural change will occur readily in the training room, but will not survive back in the office. We help suppliers get their ducks in a row, negotiation-wise.

  1. Change behaviour

We develop your account managers to become confident, sharp and one step ahead of the retailer. They develop by sparring and exploring ideas with our tame retailer. We give them ‘match practice’ and crystal clear feedback. And we share our deep knowledge of how buyers buy.

  1. Make learning stick

Research tells us that suppliers who commit to following up training reap far greater financial returns than those who allow the new behaviour to ebb away over time. So we build a package of ongoing learning and assessment such as:

    • assessments and benchmarking
    • eprompts
    • refresher courses
    • coaching
    • coach the coach