Tesco’s comments on the Sainsbury Asda merger

It’s Friday afternoon wry smile time. In Tesco’s submission to the CMA, about the Asda JS merger they said (reportedly)

Tesco has also weighed in on the debate, stating that there were few “customer benefits” of the merger.

Without any growth opportunity or efficiencies to offer, branded suppliers will not be interested in reducing their prices,” the retail giant added.

Funny how they argued the opposite when they acquired Booker. When they acquired Booker, in real terms, Booker was bigger than Safeway was when Morrisons acquired them.

Sainsbury and Tesco market share then and now were broadly similar and they were precluded from bidding for Safeway – but now it appears that anything is fair game. I appreciate that the Competiton laws are to protect the consumer, not the supplier – but who will stand up for the supplier? Certainly not the GCA. Anyway, onward and upward!

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